Follow Our Tech Influencers as They Take You Inside the Innovations at CES 2017

With the excitement of CES 2017 just over the horizon, we invite you to connect with our five tech influencers about emerging Panasonic technologies and solutions that predict, adapt and respond to a diverse range of needs.

These experts will use their tech prowess to give you an inside look at CES 2017. Join them as they explore Panasonic future smart technologies impacting everything from homes to buildings, cars to transportation systems, stadiums to connected aircrafts and more.

To find out how these technologies help businesses, communities and governments meet their technology and sustainability goals, follow these tech influencers and tweet at them using #PanasonicCES to have your questions answered live from the show floor.

Join The Conversation: Follow Our Tech Influencers at CES 2017

Kristy Dalton


As the CEO of Government Social Media and social media personality at, Kristy Dalton is ready to tackle any smart city question you want to throw her way. Kristy’s experience with government technology makes her the perfect candidate to cover smart city infrastructure at CES 2017.

Follow Kristy for her thoughts on the development of smart cities and the impact they’ll make on the future.

Matthew Moniz


Matthew Moniz is a rising star on YouTube, dedicating his focus to the latest gadgets, technology or anything with an “on” button. Matthew’s experience covering these technologies will be key at CES 2017.

Follow Matthew as he dives into Future Home solutions as well as the latest in LUMIX imaging technologies.

Andru Edwards


Andru Edwards is the brains behind GearLive, an honest social site that covers electronics and tech trends. Andru will be making his second consecutive appearance at CES for Panasonic this year to answer all of your tech questions.

Follow Andru and ask him anything about the future of entertainment and the future retail experience at CES 2017.

Dom Esposito


Love cars? So does Dom Esposito! He’s always been passionate about technology and is ready to answer all of your automotive tech questions live from CES 2017.

Follow Dom as he uses his expertise to steer the conversation around everything from autonomous driving to the future in-car experience at CES 2017.

Daniel Newman


Daniel Newman’s experience as a tech CEO, analyst and five-time best-selling author keep him well versed on the latest in futuristic technologies. This means he can answer all of your questions on tech you thought only existed in movies.

Follow Daniel who will assuredly have his finger on the pulse of the disruptive tech featured in the Future Tech Lab at CES 2017.

On To CES 2017

Connect with @PanasonicUSA for live updates, and be sure to join the conversation at CES 2017. What tech trends do you hope to see emerge at this year’s CES? Tweet at our tech influencers using #PanasonicCES and learn more here: